Dear Airtel …goodbye !

Dear Airtel,

I write this letter with a lump in my throat and with my pockets empty.

I hate that it has to end like this over an email.But u know how it is ,if I call u’l try n coax me in with all ur those promises,u’l say that I was special and that u’l do more to work on our relationship .
But I think it’s time for us to move on.To use the overworked and underpaid ( something u’l be quite familiar with ) cliche: “its me not u” but u know its u.

I still remember the day we met and our relationship quickly jumped on the bandwidths and we were sailing so smoothly , it was all so good when we started off…but u ruined it.U got greedy, all the attention got to u.

I always suspected u cheating on me with my data plans ,promising me something and not living upto it.And when I called ur office , u always made the same excuses “traffic Zada hai “,”Ghanta Aur lage ga”…

I thought we could work it out ..but that last bill just did it and I can’t take it anymore .
Please don’t call me or msg me, we’re done for good .

PS: I’m already looking at new options ..heard some locals around here are really good .Moving on. 



Talk shows haven’t caught up much in India like those in the US.But thanks to YouTube which has made “a small world” seem even smaller and has done more to the cause of globalisation than any one country’s foreign policy .

David letterman and his weird late night antics escaped much of my generation in India ,but having followed him for d last couple of years has made me realize the power of comedy and humour can transcend boundaries and generations.

I believe it’s this vicarious experience of such comedic genius that inspires people in unimaginable ways .And that doesn’t have to be directly related to the profession of entertaining or comedy.Anyone who enjoys comedy and appreciates intelligence would and should take imbibe a few things from David letterman.

Now that “Dave ” as he is fondly called, retires after 33yrs of interviewing late at night it’s so much we can learn from him.Its but natural that people should pay attention to someone whose had such an illustrious  career when he calls it a day .Remeber when Sachin retired and we had grown men crying ,I can only imagine the mood to be something like that in the US and world over where people grew to watch David letterman day in and day out and were inspired by him to form careers off it.

This is just a little appreciation to the legend who 

1.Threw things from roof tops.

2.Crushed things and dumb celebs.

3.Snubbed our very own Ash.

4.Showed how to act smart even while being ignorant.

5.Showed smooth talk at its best.

6.Made sharpened pencils look cool.

7.Acting goofy makes any dull conversation atleast watchable .

8.To not take yourself seriously.

9.Flirting requires class .

10.Make lists.

Goodbye David Letterman enjoyed your work ,much respect. 




“It was raining in the month of june,

saw her dancing to her favourite tune.”


“I heard her sing my silent song,

                                         could’nt hold back,n i sang along.”


”Long black hair drentched in the rain,

       eyes smiled as though they knew no pain.”


  “Never had i seen a prettier sight,

                                                        a li’ll flimsy, i saw sun-light up the night.”


“I hoped for time to go still,

for that  moment was such a thrill.”


 “Me…i stayed put.did’nt do a thing,

                                                                                                                                    well thats how i roll,i let it sting.”




“Life won’t always be easy,

you’ll know that when you’ve grown.

It is for you to make sure ,

that you stand your own.”

“You’ll be tempted with short cuts,

plagued by selfishness, loathe and greed.

But remember this foremost,

what’ll count is a good deed.”

“At some instant you might falter,

and do something that you did’nt expect.

Wait,keep calm for a while,

listen to your heart ,for it knows best.”

“Let not the world change you,

so you become its prey.

Let it be understood ,times are’nt always colourfull,

especially not without a hint of grey.”



“Joy and glom go hand in hand ,

like to playfull little sisters.

For when you’re running hard,

There’re bound to be some blisters.”

“Respect all, your friends and enemy,

there’s no harm in doing it.

For there’s nothing more threatening ,

than someone’s amputated spirit.”

“Take pride in your success,

only If you so truly deserve.

But not at someone else’s sake,

for it won’t be long for roles to reverse.”

“Often you’ll be at crossroads,

to chose b/w whats wrong and right.

Wrong will no doubt be easy,

but right’ll bring you sleep at night.”

“Never does trust come easy,

 don’t always believe what u’ve heard.

Always keep you’re promises and,

honour your word.”

“Life won’t always be easy,

you’ll know that when you’ve grown.

It is for you to make sure ,

that you stand your own.”


i think a lot about jails….like what’d be like staying there with fellow inmates (who are highly talented people in their own right-being a criminal is’nt easy…don’t agree …try being one…man it takes some guts)…. under around the clock security (isn’t that every individual aspires to be secure…well u’ll get plenty here)…following no strict schedule,coz these guys have no jobs,no deadlines to meet,no one to feed,no reputation at stake(not any more-and another funny thing i notice is whenever they are being ascorted by the police,in front of the media,they cover their faces…com’on what’ve u gotta lose dude)….these people just follow the”khaya piya aur soygaya” strategy to the core.

Of course i’m talking about the jails abroad,like the ones we see in the movies.Man the state these jails are in ,they’ll easily give some of our hotels a run for their money(a cause to worry….rising india).Imean look at the state of their barracks,or the other facilities given to them like basketball courts,swimming pools,phew!!…they’re being treated way better than the colleges and universities here. If one looks closely at the two….life in a hostel room and life in a jail barrack..you’d be surprised,take an example…if we have an exam,we spend so many freak’n hours studyong in our rooms and still go and suck at the exam…whereas in a prison one could gain all the knowledge reading books according to one’s taste(and that i believe is the best way of acquirng knowledge in the right ernest)and if this was’nt enough one can always at liberty go out and bash a few people and vent out his anger..whereas we keep piling it up….(try bashing someone after an exam u’ll be relieved of all the frustration n stress…well there are other ways but this one always works…remember the movie fight club….not the stupid bollywood one….the one with brad pitt).

We at this stage are unsure of our future,always in an anxious frame of mind whereas these guys have nothing to worry,how much worse can they screw their life!!…they are at the helm of things,in peace with their present and sure about their future.(i envy these people)

And these guys are given a great deal of publicity ,having their pictures flashed on tv screens,across newspapers whereas it’ll take almost a life time for us to reach where these great marvels (of their field aatleast) have reached.

Well enjoy your beautiful ,comfortable jails and lovely,fullfilling life ..u lucky bastarsds!!

cool runnings!!!1

thats one thing i love……and m a li”ll fanatic about….. my friends kep saying that…

you see of course many people run…..but there’s a difference in cool runnings than the just running people…..

some people run coz their entitiled to run….

-maybe a weight loss issue…..maybe an upcoming marriage,party or something…

-some sport (game-competition) issue….coach’s giving a hard time….

-some to impress people……

i run for my life!!!!

hey hold on before u start thinking i have cancer or something like that……its just that running just gets me through life.

 of course it helps one remain fit n strong thats just an added bonus whats more cherishing is the swiftness that carries u across the ground…… while the wind rushes by u sometimes blowing fast then getting steady and blowing again like its at u’re service…… to replenish u when u’ begin to tire.

Some might say u could get the cool wind gushing experience on a bike or a car…..but the satisfaction u get from a gud run is beyond comparison…..see  i told u i was a li”ll fanatic about it.

i idolize will smith…he so passionately insists on two things thats RUNNING and READING……i guess i’ve taken up running big time and its changed my life …reading hmmm i’m working on it!!!





1.getting up and stepping on the cold floor(bare-foot)….coz my slippers are never next to my bed(after a while u get used to it).

2.next going jogging(see thats not a problem-waking up part is the one).
3.finding the toilet empty….
4.hoping the newspaper “walla” leaves the newspaper near my door.
5.being the first to have a bath (having the entire hot water in the geyser at my disposal).
6.gett’n exempted from attending the lectures i hate(well thats ask’n for too much…).
7.going ahead with a mass bunk(only if my attendance is’nt short-well yeah selfish….but like they say (everyone uses “they”..but no one has a clue who “they” actually are)its a selfish world).
8.finding someone hmming a song that was in u’re mind(yeah ….that ring a bell?).
9.making the silliest jokes and still finding people laughing at it.(rude…but that makes me hmm smart…well its my list i can write what i want)
10.not being at the recieving end of anyone’s jokes(but i could handle it…or so do i think).
11.hoping its not kardi in the lunch(..hmm rajma’s better any day).
12.hoping not to offend anyone(it may be idealistic but that’s why the “hope”).
13.climbing stairs in 1/2 (or 1/3 thats tough)….steps than the no. of stairs.
(it gets a li”ll philosophical)
14.doing something worhty in the spare time(like right now).
15.taking time out to call mom n dad(they’d be mad at me…its been a while).
16.being appreciated now n then….
17.working everyday to achieve the far sighted goals….(but one needs to go about doing that with smaller targets….but the broader picture needs to be in perspective…coz at the end of the day thats actually what matters).
18.try not wavering from the path that’s right(that’s what’s religion is to me )…..we always might not know
whats right or wrong…but we need to stick to the right path….its like arriving at crossroads and choosing which side to go….even if we know which one will lead u to u’re destination….seems obvious but if u apply it in u’re life….it’ll make all the difference that matters….