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Dear Airtel,

I write this letter with a lump in my throat and with my pockets empty.

I hate that it has to end like this over an email.But u know how it is ,if I call u’l try n coax me in with all ur those promises,u’l say that I was special and that u’l do more to work on our relationship .
But I think it’s time for us to move on.To use the overworked and underpaid ( something u’l be quite familiar with ) cliche: “its me not u” but u know its u.

I still remember the day we met and our relationship quickly jumped on the bandwidths and we were sailing so smoothly , it was all so good when we started off…but u ruined it.U got greedy, all the attention got to u.

I always suspected u cheating on me with my data plans ,promising me something and not living upto it.And when I called ur office , u always made the same excuses “traffic Zada hai “,”Ghanta Aur lage ga”…

I thought we could work it out ..but that last bill just did it and I can’t take it anymore .
Please don’t call me or msg me, we’re done for good .

PS: I’m already looking at new options ..heard some locals around here are really good .Moving on. 



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